Chris Milner Oakleaf

Chris Milner

Founder & CEO

Chris Milner is the founder and CEO of The Oakleaf Group, LLC. A recognized expert in mortgage finance, securitization, risk management, and information technology, Chris has managed capital markets, risk management, modeling and analytics, and financial accounting businesses for the mortgage industry for 30+ years. Chris has led Oakleaf for over 15 years, during which the company has experienced significant growth and service development.


Chris’ main areas of focus are RMBS risk, data analytics technology, and compliance. He has performed forensic investigations and testified as an expert witness in numerous RMBS matters regarding compliance of mortgage loans with underwriting guidelines, validity of property appraisals, and the accuracy of other representations and warranties. He has directed solutions in related areas throughout his career, including risk modeling, mortgage underwriting, credit pricing, risk management, mortgage servicing oversight, portfolio management, financial transformation, and securities trading. Earlier in his career, Chris developed a leading commercial product for the electronic trading of mortgage-backed securities.


Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University.

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